Last minute details

By Di Cook | June 29, 2018

Travel details:

  • South Brisbane is the closest train station to the convention centre. Airtran is offering a airport train discount, details are on the web site.
  • There are numerous ATMs where you can get Australian dollars. There are NO ATM fees for major banks, NAB, ANZ, Commonwealth, Westpac. It is also possible to exchange money through
  • Details on Australian power outlets is on
  • You should not bring food into Australia, because customs is very strict on this. If you do, you need to declare it, in order to be inspected.

What to do when you arrive at the conference:

  • Collect your name tag from the hex name tag wall! With your name tag go to the conference desk to pick up your swag, t-shirt, socks, dinner ticket(s).
  • This is a Bring Your Own Lanyard (BYOL) event. If you have a supply from previous conferences and especially if you would like to donate your extras, bring them along. We will have some extra Monash lanyards as needed. The type of clip you need is this one:

  • We want everyone to have a good conference experience, and you have all signed off on the Code of Conduct, that we will be operating under. It is on the web site if you want to refresh your memory. If you want to report a violation, you can talk with one of the organisers wearing a royal blue t-shirt, or call the contact number.
  • Conference helpers sporting orange buffs will be roaming around. Talk to any of them to get help.

Conference programme:

  • The website has the latest schedule.
  • Please check this, especially if you are a presenter. If you see any problems please let us know - it is still possible to make some small changes. The details for presenters are posted on the web site.
  • The conference is being recorded and will be posted on youtube after the event. If you are presenting, AND DO NOT WANT TO BE RECORDED YOU NEED TO EMAIL US.
  • There is also a mobile app that has the program and details about the convention centre. Instructions for installing are these:

    1. Download the “BCEC Live” App from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store
    2. When opening for the first time, make sure to allow notifications
    3. Inside the App select “Your Event App”
    4. Select “Type Code”
    5. Use the access code “useR2018”
    6. Have a look around!
  • The procedure for tutorials is that if you have registered for a time session and it is indicated on your name badge, you simply turn up to the tutorial of your choice. You will need to show your badge at the door. Be sure to check the details on the web, for what to install ahead of time. You may have received these in email but its good to check the web too.

  • Wed morning there is a free introductory R tutorial, RCurious. You are welcome to join this if you are new to R. Following the tutorial there will also be a newbies lunch and R-Ladies gathering on Wednesday at lunch. Here you can meet other conference goers, and, if you like, to be paired up with a conference buddy and network with R-Ladies from all over the world! It will likely be in the room P11.

  • If there is sufficient interest, we plan to have an opportunity for an employers/employees meetup during one of the tea breaks. If you are an employer with potential job openings who would like to be connected with people looking for positions, please email as soon as possible, expressing your interest in being included.

  • Some sponsor representatives will be roaming around with interests in talking with participants. These are the two that I am aware of at the moment:

    • Stephen Jones, Springer’s Commissioning Editor for Statistics in Australia and New Zealand, will be attending the Conference on Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12 July. Springer has an excellent reputation for quality as the largest publisher of research books in the world, and is always looking for new, high-quality research to add to their strong statistics list. If you already have a specific book idea you’d like to discuss in detail, or if you’d like to pick up this conversation in general, please drop by the Springer booth. Alternatively, you can contact Stephen at
    • Chester Ismay, DataCamp’s representative, is interested in talking with people interested in building an online course offering.

Social programme:

  • The opening reception is Wednesday from 5:30 in the foyer of the auditorium. This is free to all.
  • Wednesday evening, there is a big event, not associated with the conference, called State of Origin. This is a rugby match pitting players from NSW against Queensland. Its a huge event and a good place to experience ‘local culture’.
  • Thursday evening is the conference dinner, a ticket event. Tickets will on sale until
  • Tuesday July 3rd, when we need to give final numbers to caterers. There are approximately 40 tickets still available.

Social media:

The twitter handle for the conference is @useR2018_conf and hashtag #useR2018. Its also good to add the #rstats. There will be StickerMule coupon prizes for active tweeters.